Chalfont Lifetime Sports Centre


The idea behind this centre is to give more people, more choices in the sports they can play and encourage people to play sports that can realistically be played for the majority of a participants lifetime.

Stephen Hinds’ background is in the sport of Curling in which he has played in five European Championships for England, been the English Curling Association’s Director of Coaching for 20 years (1989 - 2009), National Development Director for 8 years (2001 - 2009), British Wheelchair Curling Association (2002 - 2006) and ECA President (2009/10). He was also involved in developing the first curling rink in England, as a farm diversification, just outside Tunbridge Wells, in 2004. He is now planning to complete his own Farm Diversification, here at Flexmore Farm in Chalfont St Giles, to help make the small farm that he and his wife, Vicky, started in 2006, sustainable. Vicky has previously been in catering, studied Sports Massage and has made many products from the farm produce from cheese to chutneys to National Champion sausages!

In order to have a Healthy Life Style, people must participate in regular exercise and eat healthy food. By having a venue where all the sports can be played for most of ones life, serving top quality food straight from the farm in a pleasant and sociable atmosphere, we believe that the people of Chalfont St Giles and the surrounding areas, will have a perfect setting to achieve healthy lifestyles.

All our sports can be participated in for most of our lives and the facilities will be designed to be able to be enjoyed by everyone but to a quality standard that will match that used at National and International competition. We believe that even beginners of a sport should be given the opportunity to enjoy the best facilities available - they may become our future Olympians as a result!

The centre will house England’s second Curling Rink and a hall for Table Tennis, Archery, Indoor Bowls and Fencing. There will also be a small fitness equipment studio and a separate table tennis practice room. The Club room will include Cafe / Restaurant area and a bar and there will be a shop at the entrance.

Although the sports included are mainly played during the Winter (Bowls and Archery are played outside, elsewhere, during the summer) the Chalfont Lifetime Sports Centre will continue to operate during the summer months, offering beginner and social sporting sessions.


Chalfont Lifetime Sports Centre

Curling is one of the most inclusive sports that can be played from the age of 8 and is also enjoyed by many people around the world who are over 80 years of age! All participants can enjoy playing this sport, along side each other, it does not matter whether they are able-bodied, disabled, male, female, young or old, no handicapping is required - they can all play in the same game, same rules, same fun!

“For what will be from the outside appearance, an agricultural barn, we know that our facility will thoroughly enrich the community. It will provide a holistic approach to good health, from eating fresh, healthy, local produce and taking regular exercise, to social interaction and unlocking the potential of our future Olympic and Paralympics prospects.”

Stephen Hinds